Exfoliation made simple with CHARLIE'S ANGEL SOAPS’s Loofah Soaps!

Made to stimulate your senses, our loofah soaps are a must-have. Simplify your skincare routine by combining the exfoliation and moisturizing in one simple step. With one amazing use, you should notice your skin refreshed and singing a beautiful tune for the day ahead.

With our easy-to-read ingredients on our soap labels, you no longer need to worry about the ingredients in your soaps.

Loofah Soaps - A luxury for your everyday needs.

Loofah soaps are the perfect choice for a shower or bath. Our bright, colorful, fragrant soaps will gently exfoliate your skin to remove any dead skin cells and dirt, leaving behind natural, radiant skin. The firm texture of the loofah will coax blood circulation in your body.

Loofahs were first found at the height of World War II but have gained popularity. Our colorful soap collection means you can choose the fragrance and color you want, when you want it, and we’ll ship it right to you! Detoxing and healing your skin can be enhanced with one simple product.

Never worry about artificial products.

We make our soaps in small batches by hand, allowing all the ingredients to mix properly and bring out the best in each other. The natural glycerin produced in this process contains a good amount of moisture that your skin needs for any day.

Give your skin a day of pampering every day with a product that is made to make your skin sing again! The enchanting aromas and vibrant colors of our soaps will envelop you and last all day, making you smell fresh even on the toughest day of the year.