Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt

Ever tried Greek Yogurt soap? This is your chance!

Greek Yogurt soaps can only be made using the traditional cold process method. But, you don’t have to go through the trouble of making one yourself, because we’ve done that for you! This soap has been perfected to try and give your skin the essential oils it needs!

After dedicated research and testing, we think we've found the combination that will make your skin glow! CHARLIE'S ANGEL SOAPS uses all-natural ingredients to make our Greek Yogurt soaps.

Take advantage of organic oils!

CHARLIE'S ANGEL SOAPS uses organic oils sourced from reputable businesses. Our soaps are made in small batches to ensure you get the best of each product. Our quest to use natural ingredients means we don’t use factory-manufactured chemicals which could hinder the effects of the essential oils.

Our soap is available in various fragrances made from natural essential oils. Whether you’re looking for lavender soap or any other, we can guarantee you that they’ve been made from 100% natural essential oil. So, set aside your worry about chemicals and choose a soap that’ll start and your day on a high note!

CHARLIE'S ANGEL SOAPS’s quest to provide you with the best handmade soap, bath, and body products has encouraged us to add this amazing soap to our lineup, with more options to come. Our soaps are made in the way traditionalists recommend: by using elbow grease - handmade. Whether it’s mixing, grinding or cutting, you can be sure that it’s done by hand. The best handmade soap doesn’t look like it came directly from television - you may see uneven cuts and dents and shavings.

Condition your skin with the ultimate moisturizer.

Greek Yogurt has high quantities of moisture. CHARLIE'S ANGEL SOAPS has perfected the manufacturing technique that will lock in all the moisture and give you a rich, luxurious soap. The creamy, bright lather that the soap creates is proof that our soaps have locked in everything good.

Cleaning and exfoliating your skin is a task everyone does, but using our Greek Yogurt soap will make sure the essential vitamins, minerals, and moisture that your skin needs are delivered. Use our soap after your exfoliation routine to give it a radiant, nourished glow that cannot be rivalled by any supermarket brand soap!