Milk Baths

Milk Baths

Milk Baths aren't just for royalty!

Cleopatra, the goddess of ravishing beauty famously bathed in sour milk and for good reason. Milk does the body good, but a milk bath does the soul even better!. Here are a few reasons why you need to include milk baths and get a little dose of anti-stress every once in a while:

Many feel a warm milk bath, if not better, can be just as good as a masseur. The heat helps loosen up the body, increasing elasticity and thereby relaxing your muscles. All your unwanted body aches, tenderness, and soreness caused by your daily journey can be forgotten with a few sifts. Your body pains would respectfully go down the drain because of this tension reliever.

The lactic acid in milk helps with some chemical-free exfoliation. The mild alpha hydroxyl acid helps in smoothing dry and rough patches on the skin. The proteins and vitamins in milk are also said to calm inflammation and sunburns. These ingredients are also famous for hydrating and replenishing your skin!

When we say milk baths, we don’t mean adding a gallon of milk to the bathtub. Instead, we have a blend of ingredients that you just need to add to a warm bath. These ingredients are all vegan and paraben-free and have moisturizing and rejuvenating properties. Milk baths help in releasing bonds of old skin cells from fresher and younger skin, leaving your skin soft and smooth.