Body Butters & Body Lotions

Body Butters & Body Lotions

Your body's new best friend!

There is a general feeling of the universe that only when you feel good do you look good! For almost every person, good, healthy skin gives them the confidence and comfort that they need to strive and achieve their goals.

Skincare, or knowing what your body needs, plays a huge part in the process. For example, consider a person with extremely dry skin... they'll only feel good once they're moisturized and hydrated, or else they'll feel irritated every step of the way.

Similarly, with everyone - when they give their body what it needs, only then they'll be able to live with a fresher perspective.

Similarly, CHARLIE'S ANGEL SOAPS strongly believes in organic and natural skincare - one that you can tune in to and feel good with.

Your skin deserves the absolute best, and we are here to give you that!

Our products are 100% handmade with natural ingredients.

Our lotions and body butters give you the soft, supple skin you've always wanted.

All our products contain nature's most sought-after ingredients such as coconut oil, Shea butter, essential oils such as jojoba, and many more!

Each of our products are blended with the perfect combination of fun, festive, and hypnotic fragrances and balanced formulas so that you have the best experience!

While body butter gives you the rich and thick formula, moisture-lock for your body for a longer time, the body lotion gives your instant hydration in no time, making it perfect for most every skin type.

Our new, fun, and exciting range of products are filled with unique fragrances such as wild passion, lemongrass, jasmine lime, tangerine grapefruit, and many many more like these; all giving you gorgeous, care-free skin.

Aren't you excited now?

Try out our products and you too can FEEL the difference!