Sugar Scrubs

Sugar Scrubs

Exfoliate, rejuvenate and glow-up your skin with our sugar scrubs!

Our sugar scrubs gently exfoliate your skin, leaving it extra smooth and soft. It gives you a soothing and relaxing after-effect for your skin and senses.

Our sugar scrubs, by exfoliating, remove dead skin cells and give you skin a new, healthier glow. It allows you to hydrate your skin in a heathy way.

It's time to learn a new dance!

CHARLIE'S ANGEL SOAPS believes in having skin that you can vibe with, and our products are simple and effective on most every type of skin. We gently curate our products with the best natural ingredients that are bound to make your skin sing again!

All our sugar scrubs are made with natural ingredients, sourced from reliable sources and nature.