Bath Salts

Bath Salts

A nice jar of bath salts has now become a prerequisite for having a peaceful and relaxing experience.

Bath salts can work wonders - starting with clearing your head with infused fragrances - they give an undeniable experience.

Our bath salts are a must-have!

CHARLIE'S ANGEL SOAPS's bath salts are carefully designed to give you the most serene experience. Our salts help in getting rid of dead skin!

Detoxify your body with our bath salts!

Our bath salts focus on healing your skin by removing the excessive build-up of toxins and oils.

Bath salts are known to give immense relaxation because of their natural properties and added fragrances. They immediately rejuvenate.

These soothing bath salts mixed with a warm bath tend to work on your sore muscles and stressed minds, leaving you refreshed and more energetic than before.

Bath salts have naturally healing properties that may help treat scars and also soothes your skin.

So, sift in some CHARLIE'S ANGEL SOAPS bath salts into your bath and soak your tensions away. You'll definitely feel more in tune with your mind after your bath salt experience.