Bath Salts & Sugar Scrubs

Bath Salts & Sugar Scrubs

Start enjoying your skin as you should. With CHARLIE'S ANGEL SOAPS's products, you can easily get your dreamy soft skin with zero to little effort.

CHARLIE'S ANGEL SOAPS believes in natural and organic body care, made with nature's beautiful ingredients, for anyone and everyone.

We are a brand that has carefully curated our products to suit most everyone's skin and to give everyone simplistic skincare products, filled with antioxidants and vitamins.

Try our products and forget those other brands.

We offer premium, 100% handmade soap, bath, and bath products. Our range of products includes sugar scrubs, bath salts, body lotions, body butters, bath bombs, and many more delightful tunes!

We love nature's gifts!

We carefully select the natural ingredients and our main goal is to make you vibe with your skin and give your skin what it deserves - premium, natural skincare products.

Our range of bath salts and sugar scrubs includes a variety of different fragrances such as lemongrass, wild passion, chocolate mint, oatmeal milk & honey, lavender, and many more!

Enjoy a nice, relaxing evening with our exquisite bath salts loaded with wonderful fragrances to give you the relaxation you deserve.

Hop into your shower, grab our sugar scrub and soften your skin easily. Our scrubs gently exfoliate, removing dead skin and giving you smooth and softer feeling skin.

Put on some calm soothing music and relax to a new beat while enjoying a whole new brand of products for your skin.