About Us

The first experience!

My first experience with handcrafted soaps was in the form of a gift! After a lot of hesitation, and one worry-filled trial, I fell in love! And thus, one shower was all it took to start this journey.

I spent hours researching the Why? Why are handcrafted soaps better? Why did they excite my shower routine when I was against bar soaps and how they made my skin feel when store-bought soaps couldn’t, or even my body wash and loofah sponge (which I loved)?

I finally found a new, fresh, handmade idea to make my skin feel better. I wanted to share this valuable product with as many people as I could, and that’s where CHARLIE'S ANGEL SOAPS started (before I even knew that was where I was headed).

Setting the bar!

Instead of sending my closest friends and family a product someone else made, I decided to buy a few kits and make some myself. The entire experience was refreshing, new, and completely organic.

I guess I heard an inner voice... I realized I needed to do something to get this product, a product I 100% believe in – a product I never imagined I would love – to more people. My skin felt refreshed, soft, and better than it had ever felt. It felt clean after my shower, and so soft!

Fast forward to Summer 2021 when I just finished gifting some of my new soaps and other product samples to many of my dear ones. Their glowing reviews and continual encouragement is what helped me launch CHARLIE'S ANGEL SOAPS.

The beginning of our Grime Fighting Soaps!™

A handmade soap shop might be a bucket list item for many, but it sure wasn’t mine. Still, it rose to the very top for me in a very short amount of time. Now, CHARLIE'S ANGEL SOAPS is an original brand that prides itself in selling 100% handmade products. We’ve expanded our line to include product choices for everyone.

Our wide range of bath and body care products includes amazing soaps like vegan, loofah, goat’s milk, and Greek yogurt. We also handmake bath salts, mineral powders, sugar scrubs, beautiful colored and smelling bath bombs that are perfect for a moment of luxury, and so much more!

Find us at your doorstep!

You may see our products locally in Dallas and around the country while we prepare to expand our products and selections. Please do not hesitate to order our products or gift them, because CHARLIE'S ANGEL SOAPS is exactly what your skin needs - what everyone's skin needs!



Charles Graves-Harter, Founder | Managing Member, President-CEO



To be completely transparent

My daughter, my angel, peacefully passed away in her sleep 10 years to the day before my opening this company. She passed one month before turning 20 years old, which has a lot to do to my having a one month Grand Opening Celebration between the day of her passing and birthday, or at least try to celebrate. She was the most beautiful blinding light to many, and her passing completely devastates me still. After 11 years I continue to navigate the new normal, feeling stuck in my "alternate 1985", which was my inspiration to form my company and brand. I dedicate everything to my sweet angel and hope that telling my story may help another.